Knauf Arena 360°

What is Knauf?

Adopting the philosophy of “The Name of Solution in Construction”, Knauf is one of the leading establishments in dry wall systems.  Knauf offers healthy, safe, comfortable and economic living spaces everywhere, through humane living ideology.

  • Was founded in 1932 in Germany, by two brothers, Karl Knauf and Dr. Alfons N. Knauf.  Taking over the Company in 1974, Nikolaus Knauf and Baldwin Knauf formed the Share Holders’ Board in 2008, and handed over the Management to Manfred Grundke (CEO) and Edgar Binnemann (CFO).
  • Serves in almost 60 countries worldwide, through its over 150 factories and 24 thousand workers, with a long standing background of 80 years as a family owned company.
  • Is among the top three European companies in gypsum, plaster board, cement based boards, insulation materials, construction chemicals, moulded parts, plastering machines and mineral wool production.
  • Has an institutional culture, which can rarely be seen today.
  • Has adopted the principle of environmental friendly production. All the factories owned by Knauf have been given quality assurance certificates, issued by the relevant departments of the countries they manufacture in.
  • Gives special importance to its operations in Turkey within its international network outside Germany, and continues to increase its investments in Turkey, along with its solid trust in Turkey’s future.
  • Was founded in Ankara in 1997. Knauf A.Ş. has always displayed a visionary and innovative approach, from the very first day of its existence in Turkey.
  • Acts in line with the principle of being a “leading company in its sector”, with its personnel, product variety and systematic.
  • Aims at environmental friendly industrialisation, quality assurance in production and increasing the standards, as well as offering the latest global technology to the Turkish construction industry, while offering the best to end users and consumers.
  • Follows Turkey’s progress and the development of the construction industry very closely. Knauf A.Ş. offers different solutions within the context of its products that meet different requirements and expectations, and its philosophy of value added services.
  • Provides direct employment with its factories in Ankara, Kocaeli, and Eskişehir.
  • Continues its operations through a strong network of dealers, who have substantial amount of accumulation of experience and knowledge, and expertise in their fields. Knauf A.Ş. continues to produce and to generate added value for Turkey through its dealers representing Knauf all over Turkey, and its other business partners.
  • Performs regular training activities in order to raise its service quality and continuously improve its service network.
  • Uses mobile technologies most effectively through its mobile informatics and information applications developed for the business and dealer processes.
  • The first manufacturer of plaster boards in Turkey, with Alçıpan brand name.  Alçıpan is an interior dry wall material, which can be produced in different types.
  • The first company in the sector that has received a TS-EN-ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate.
  • The first company in dry wall systems sector that has prepared a declaration of conformation to LEED, which is the most reputable green building certification in the field.  Through these declarations prepared, Knauf assists the buildings its products are used in the construction of, to get LEED certification.
  • The first company in the sector that has received a WHS (Workers Health and Safety) certificate.  Knauf production plants meet the highest standards in terms of workers health and safety.
  • The first enterprise in the sector that has set up training centres.  15,500 people have received their certificates in the training centres located in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.
  • The first company that has realized the idea of mobile training truck (Knauf is Life) in the dry wall sector. The truck has travelled through Turkey and interested universities three times, and trained almost 8,500 students in 64 provinces.  Knauf A. Ş. contributes to the need of trained personnel in the sector, through training seminars organized, and by collaborating with the universities.