Knauf Arena 360°

What is Knauf ARENA?

Knauf Arena, which will be held at CNR Expo, Istanbul, between October 3rd and 7th, 2012, will be the biggest event ever organized by an individual company in this sector.

  • Will be implemented with “The Name of Solution in Construction” motto, and is the outcome of rationalism and the ambition of shaping the future, which are the basic principles of the Knauf brand.
  • Is a venture that will contribute to Turkey’s prestige, construction industry, even to the understanding of fair organization, as well as the Knauf brand, by implementing many firsts in Turkey, and will set the pole higher.
  • Will be materialized with the participation of Turkey’s respected architects, academicians, engineers, constructors, investors, construction firms and executives on national and international scale; in short, with participation of all people and professionals associated to the sector.
  • Will host booths to display Knauf products and systems altogether, panels where subjects of heat and sound isolation, fire safety and earthquake resistance will be discussed, and a sectoral universe that will offer “integrated construction and building solutions” to be formed through parallel sessions and performance shows. 
  • Will spread over 10,000 sqm of area.
  • Will be a platform where Knauf systems and solutions (over 1,200 products, 150 systems and 24 resistance performances) that directly affect the quality of life and application will be practically introduced, and the added value generated by Knauf in the construction industry will be discussed.
  • Will introduce new system solutions that will add to the performances of the buildings, as well as the products and systems that have not yet been introduced to Turkish construction industry, to the professionals in the construction sector and the consumers.
  • Will consist of 7 different function areas that reflect Knauf’s expertise, such as
    • Interior Dry Wall Systems,
    • Exterior Dry Wall Systems,
    • Modular Ceiling Systems,
    • Plaster and Mortar Machine Systems,
    • Jacketing and Cement Based Systems,
    • Project Services and
    • Construction Market Products,
  • and areas for live performances, demonstrations, and for Knauf dealers.
  • Will entertain the visitors through performances by the World Champion Bosphorus Jazz Quire, sound and light shows, and competitions and events that will be presented by Necmi Yapıcı.