Knauf Arena 360°

Technical Events

  • Events to be Followed by the Visitors

  •    Fire Resistance Show


  •    Load Carriage Capacity Demonstration

  •    Water Resistance Show

  • The Events which the Visitors Can Participate in

  •    Scent Test by Cleaneo


  •    Sound insulation and Diamant Resistance Show


  •    Plaster Board Screwing

  •    Plaster applications

  •    Board Cutting/Shaping Using Boardmaster

  •    Diamant / Hercules Plaster Board Resistance Test

  •    Echo Test

  •    La vita Electro Magnetic Holder Wall Test


Social and Cultural Events

  • World Famous Bond Band Performance, October 3rd


  • Fatih Terim and Galatasaray Players will be at Knauf Arena, October 4th


  • World Champion Bosphorus Jazz Choir


  • Live Sculpture Shows


  • Competitions, shows and events presented by Necmi Yapıcı